testine, as we know from what occurs when we use nutrient enemata,
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color index. True poikilocytosis may occur, but it is rarely so
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Hamilton, Rome, Ga. ; Renal Calculus, by W. D. Haggard, Jr.,
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should be thoroughly safeguarded ; and if it is not desirable to appoint examiners to go every-
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unthrifty animals, but feeding a mixture of 3 parts pea meal and 1
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aching as a diseased bone ; and when it once sloughs,
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foreign body, in the shape of a drainage-tube, may have seemed a little
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I should say the medical charlatan has existed since the earliest
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Reflexes of the Eye, — By the direct light reflex is meant contraction of the
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It is evident that in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, tuber-
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REN exhibited a specimen of scirrhous disease of the rectum, and stated the
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of the lung has a greenish-gray color. Adherent to the upper lobe of the lung,
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and may occur in oesophageal carcinoma, tuberculous or bronchiectatic
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Take Milk of Magnesia (proprietary) in teaspoonful doses every
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spine at the small of the back and over the sacrum with a good
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sionally come into actual contact with one another. The presence of snch
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minute examination shows many essential and striking points of dis-
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severe, rectal alimentation was indicated. Peptones
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the water-mains was in course of application, when the
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and general debility. Death soon after leaving hos-
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the erysipelato-vesicular eruption disappeared. Resor-
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environment over life, as is very frequently done. This necessi-
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loss of power in her lower extremities, and two or three months before ber death the bones
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Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc.
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congestion (including ascites) are commonly present. Mitral stenosis also
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then (1827), and under these circumstances, that he con-
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wisp of absorbent cotton, a few fibers of which would cling to
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