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Mix. An excellent application in sub-acute gonorrhea,

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asylum inmates are now, thanks to hypnotism, leading active and useful

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morphine, and gr. y^ \/o if^ov more of atropine. If the pain is not too

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1953. Ranieri, Tito A., Bryn Mawr Medical Bldg., Bryn Mawr, Pa.

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this case ; I presume he will attribute it to the catgut ligature which

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schrift. No. 19, 1884. The object of the paper is to

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uneventful recovery. Microscopic examination showed the

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is found often associated with pus organisms in a cellular, sometimes

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as relapses had occurred after the alcoholic injections. M. Tillaux, however,

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these are hardly explained by the widening of the epiphyses over

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psychosis must be admitted, a form intermediate be-

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were its contents that no septica-mia or inflammation

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am not placing the fault for this tremendous loss at the doors

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Paralysis.- Bruce (Edinburgh Medical nature of the illness in both groups may not

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Professor Hebra thus arranges in the order of their in-

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brain caused by extravasation of blood. In concussion

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Pityriasis rubra apply to a group of cases which, whilst presenting minor

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found it a valuable remedy in cases of nervous rheumatic head-

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rare in England, Crocker reporting no cases among 10,000 seen in

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operations, that is, operations in which one lobe alone,

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antipyrin without being poisonous. It is obtained by

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Surgical .\N.t:sTHESiA ; Addresses and Other Papers.

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and reject the conservative work in a large number of

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ing here all discussion of all the good that follows

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tardation of the blood-current. Chronic bronchitis usually attends valvular

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ease, and the decrease in number, even when it occurs,

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