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roll the body on casks . Do not rub the body with salts or spirits. Do

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He was suffering from a large lacerated wound, which extended

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and we want downright facts at pit sent more than any thing else.— RuSKIN.

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classed as obese and only a few showed any metabolic disturbances.

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Flint. — Physiology of Man. (In 5 vols. Vol. 5.) (With a General Index to

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an impersonal- approach or depersonalization of services,

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the beats of the radials, but often this is too slight to be

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1898. Stengel, Alfred, 1728 Spruce St., Philadelphia.

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ively. Dr. Stucky will remember a case he referred to me, a lady only

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tion of irritability. It is always most active in the most vascular

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Morbid anatomy. Sufficient has been said under the head of

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considerably below the normal standard. Chlorides are deficient and

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of the land, calcareous I'ocks of secondary formation predominate. They are

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Section who discussed the case said there was but little chance of recovery.

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The cyst was raised, the pedicle ligated, clamped, cauterized,

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contraction or peristalsis, and relaxation or congestion of the