the influence of valency. The experiments were repeated to guard
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effect. The same nerve was afterward divided, but no relief from pain was experienced.
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causation of typhoid fever. Caledon. M. J., Glasg.,
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Prisoner £as acquitted, as the statute then required proof that a wound had
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lung are due not to the bronchial tree but to the pulmonary
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1. That the number of subjects of study prescribed by the
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an ideal rock on which the profession has struck for ages, and which has
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<especially eruptive fevers,) may be assumed to indicate the approach of
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the distended intestines. In most cases the disease, if
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and although certain observations appear to go against Schaudinn,
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My experiments were as follows: In 1871, having been ap-
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sphere being found turgid : water frequently in the ventricles ;
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one nation, the unsettling panic of another ; the perseverance of one in
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If in literature we seek an iiioiilent that most preoiselj'
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were prolonged by mechanical impediments ; and whether they were produced
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as to its Cause. By J. H. Fisher {7'he Ophthalmoscope, August, 1916). —
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the cold wet pack ; that temperature of 103° can be controlled with an
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to this problem has been dependence on the disc antibiotic sensitivity method.
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with the patient's comfort and safety. The happiest re-
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evidence of this in the peculiar smell of the perspiration, in the
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D. Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim®, Septra®)
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cines in the siinj)lest and most effective manner. After a
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of quinine — suy from one to two drachms, which I have frequently
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orange and extremely putrid. On Jan. 23d one of her
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sick at once. Paralysis of both legs and left arm and
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practical methods of its avoidance and prevention; 3, advocat-
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crine glands. How do these organs perform their function throughout
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Differential Diagnosis. — Tetanus may be mistaken for a
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to dilate the oe for the purpose of introducing the hand and turning; in
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:o decide upon, from the paucity and singular nature of the evidence adduced.