place in which the evidence showed that homicide had been committed by

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pelvic abscess was suspected, the omentum was found

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may be widespread. The hands may be affected alone, or the hands and

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the Right Kidney, %.— a. The cortical substance. 6, 6. Broad part of the pyra-

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nary disease, usually affects, at least, an entire lobe ; and this extension

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Examination by school inspectors in New York of some 250,000

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mouth and nose into the bronchi, as far as there are devel-

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tained, and am happy to see my views so thoroughly corroborated

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first place a morbid state of the blood; for, coincident with

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which tin- ability to co-ordinate movements by the will, although more

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fevers, but they are not very sick ; and afterwards the skin is spotted

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Elliott,^ these relations are seen. Sarti^ gives, however, high rates

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and pour off the tincture carefully. The dose is a tea

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rickets or in the absence of thyroid treatment. The epiphyses may be

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racter and appearance with those already described, each co-

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interefting cafe at Linton, until I vifited the patient yefterday.

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one dependent upon the quantity (not quality) of the blood

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These slight imperfections are, however, in the engraving,

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and a better blood supply is given, serving to prevent tissue necrosis.

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that, provided the patient does not take fluid with his meals, the digest-

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Mr. Brown. Dr. Lumley Earle, of Birmingham, is a man

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in one piece, taken from a photograph of a case in which the cast was

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To be rubbed over tl.e painful part, care being taken

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On the other hand, it appears to be plain that the extension of cancer,

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•Read before the Los Angeles County Medical Association, March iS, 1S9S.

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the interior has begun to make its way by various eruptions on

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Office — represented by Admiral ]\lilne. Lord Paulet,

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the presence of a tonsil of any appreciable size means

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being readily soluble in oleic acid, and forming with it a chemical

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toward the surface, and there form the minute capillary vessels,

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blood expectorated. The respirations are hurried and labored in propor-

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odors, which counteracted the effects of homoeopathic remedies,