hospital treatment. On shipboard all officers and employees are

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the first intervals are 1 and 0.95, respectively, the second 0.58 and 0.66

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Normally the shadow of this portion of the bone forms a straight line {cf. other

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in the region of the ileum and large intestine ; they

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shape. Microcytes were evident, though never in profusion.

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after death, unless great care be exercised in the examination of the organs.

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choice of method is also affected by age, the young

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gastro-hepaticum) shows beautifully and distinctly the division I pre-

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the lighter forms of meat, such as the white meat of chicken or fish,

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forward in the parotid gland, crossing the external carotid artery,

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and an ulceration at two inches from the anus. The pa-

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from diphtheria, the explanation of which is not to be sought for

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have tau"ht us how this singular combination of symptoms is

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should proceed with caution, and if he is well trained

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an which one of the questions at issue was whether dysentery or poison was

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been suspected during life. Such a fact was fundamental in the

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nerve, then are the effects inevitable, the patient irre-

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him. He was a very courteous and genial man, with abun-

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A Divided Spring for Heavy Bone-cutting Forceps.—

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183 Lung Infarction and Pneumonia In Cardiopathies — a Case

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relieved by absorbing occupation, by remaining in the dark,

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methylene blue or its derivatives. Even the stain itself, was of a

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defendant. The decision was obviously equitable if, as we assume, com-

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gravity will fall. Cerebral symptoms do not arise from venous conges-

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The description of the anatomical triangle, which bears his name,

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the waters. In every case where the membranes are still in-

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A. Abnormalities in Epiphyseal Growth and Development.

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efforts to prevent a repetition of like experiences ill-timed

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tained T\dthin a week, often within three or four days; rarely will

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material from the teeth of an old man who never cleaned

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been removed by nephrotomy. Rovsing-° has recently

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Peabodv. F. : Clinical Studies in Respiration. No. 1. The Ef-

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limbs ; and being so, they receive the entire weight and force