those of the cities ; and the larger the city, appar-
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run, and Schellong in King William's Land, New Guinea.
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Dr P. A. Young cordially agreed with the views expressed by
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" Labour produces not the same effects on the human frame
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genic membrane could be detected, but at the apex of the
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determine the character and scope of the -s eientifie
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and the juvenile and hereditary forms of what are here called
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valvular abnormalities, but a papillary muscle in the
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April 20, 1920, iii, No. 4, p. 174), and by Gottlieb {Jour. Amer. Med.
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it available to practical objects. For this purpose it must be exa-
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disturbances ; and special groups of symptoms according to their
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gested, and microscopic examination subsequently proved) by the
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teristic dejections of dysentery. It is one of the symptoms of embolism of
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significant impression, especially if, as there ought to be, at the end of
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the scalp the rarest. The tendency is towards slow though sure extension,
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part of the day being spent out of bed, a pain was felt and
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of free purgations — the bowels being moved freely by jalap and cream of tartar,
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to the opinion that there is present a trophic dis-
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unfirequently fulfil this indication successfully. We cannot regard car-
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Diffuse affections of the iris merged by insensible degrees with
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velop at once. The destructibility of the trypsin, as
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an increased pulse rate and an increased respiration will be observed.
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person past thirty years; the great majority begin in
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ure in California is proof of the popularity which these wines are deservedly
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ealled surylcnl hidnci/ is found when an acute bilateral pyelitis, following' :i
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contents we are able to make a correct diagnosis of this disease
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exists it may be quite impossible to accomplish the intro-
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the other signs which attend ripening and expulsion of the ovum are
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Eastern States, and along the line of the Pacific Railway, its advance
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was found to be due to multiple polypi. Pus and muco-pus can be
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an addition to their training as that we have suggested. Another unhappy
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(Seiler,) following the opinion of MM. Mayer and Weber, (who
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mother to bear bravely the suffering entailed, due largely to the