the director of the laboratory, under whose directions all
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As if journals did not already abound in sufficient numbers,
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Debilitating influences, as unhygienic surroundings, excessive muscular
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in treatment depends on an adequate intake of the proper foods.
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and inclining upwards, tbat I ordered leeches to the
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or gristle, each chamber again being divided into three continuous
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tar, to fall upon the part. This at one time led me to suppose that it
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the efforts of nature alone, or assisting her either by the
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palpation ; this means, as its name implies, the use of two hands, or
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Now, although it must be admitted that mucous tubercles
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majority of eases, the yielding to the desire for cool liquids
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in tlie light of blond-exaniiuati'ins for the Plasmodium, and
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makes rapid strides. Malaria and tropical anemia en-
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the diagnosis of the place of origin of the admixed blood, and of the cause
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in healthy persons who had been sexually active not only whether
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service; clamor to quit the business, for I think if anything could
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College, and it recently graduated a class of three.
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tastes, and feels better than others, and often hears what is
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or quina, or mercury, or opium, or some other remedy in which he
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ure was confined to the right iliac fossa. Operation,
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high pressure. The experiments he made have led him to establish
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capable of magnetic attraction from the eyeball "ii accounl of
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to Dr. Calvert, remarked that the results arrived at by him
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tion was performed to prevent impending suffocation,
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nearly 11, and is chiefly remarkable for her diminutive size; height,
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were present in the tubules and in the Malpighian capsules in places.
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hardly add that lesions involving one optic nerve in front of the