cervix some rugae were usually seen, but only on the anterior lip.
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    rosive sublimate 135 gr., red saunders 1J dr., gentian 6 dr.,
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    Unquestionably, the dias^nosis of tabes is generally made first
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    nator of the Society, efficient Medical inspection has been
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    is kept in a fixed position, so that the affected muscle or group of muscles is
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    In connection with this subject it may be observed that some patients
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    egg, protruded on the right side of (he uterus, and near the upper corner
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    due proportion to the number of powders. The bottle and box both
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    improve, and left the hospital for his home. He began to grow worse,
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    Dr. Dutcher'' mentions a case of phlegmonous erysipelas followed by 7
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    light-colored or gray scybalous masses, more or less coated with mucus,
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    demic cerebro-spiual meningitis, typhus, and typhoid fever. They may
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    the normal urethra). These pseudogonococci are non-pathogenic and
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    irritation by its mildly astringent and sedative action. Small doses of
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    practices where only the physician-in-chief is registered
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    temperature increase and accelerate the exhalation of carbonic acid."
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    and fluttering pulse, scarcely perceptible at the wrist, dilated and inactive pupils,
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    Either as a result of their rupture or drying up, crusts or scabs are formed,
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    lip cases opening up the nasal with the oral cavities, it
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    women with multiple partners are less likely than those
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    Kirkpatrick, Tunnel Hill, Ga. ; Management of Normal Labor, by
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    worse on rising from bed, and is increased by stooping. Breakfast
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    mal to some degree. This fact is lost sight of by the many
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    dustrial work is to entirely overlook the side of the employee,
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    and in children. A case in a man, in St. George's Hospital, was diag-
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    because fibrinogen will coagulate spontaneously in the presence of lime
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    gross than fire, magnetism and electricity, m it was contained in vessels and confined by
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    sites ethmoidales. Bull, et m6ni. Soc. franQ. d'opht.. Par.,
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    citizens used to term it — sanitary privy law which is being enforced,
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    anthrax affecting the skin is that which, occurring on the face, has been
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    ommended a trial of the rhatany,and she began to take a scruple
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    Dr. Parkes has shown that diluted alcohol, given daily in
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    tion of the bowels, 1— cnngcstion of the brain, 1 —inflammation of the brain, 2 — bronchitis, 2— clmlera