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from Murchison, all the more weighty because he had no conception
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hard, incessant work, and through his brilliancy of intellect. In the old Green-street
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in place, but until the whole dressing is applied and
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203. — Cripps (H.) Passage of gas and fajces through the
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any other animal. Corn is, in course, an extra charge.
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and stimulants freely administered. If the temperature should fall below
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of the skin, the upper portion constituting about one-
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happened. The most important sign is the bleeding from the nose
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ent of the fact as to whether the tooth has a living or
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most writers chose titles for their works after the style of
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diarrhoea of infants : bacteria coli, bacteria lactis, and a proteus
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QPECIAL features of the 1956 Annual Meeting, May 1, 2, and 3, make
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sciousness as soon as its physiological effects were pro-
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in very urgent cases the doses may be doubled, or even trebled,
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time, unsuccessfully to obtain a doctor for the com-
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amination on the first two of these divisions at the end of their
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fifty-eight cases, and fi'om an analysis of this number I shall
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in good taste, sadly conflicts with every requirement of health.
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menced as pneumonia. It soon became confirmed, and was followed by a mani-
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to assist the medical planner than as a form to regiment or com-
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greatly reduced, and thenceforth neither of them ever regained
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nant disease, usually gives quite as good a result as one could expect.
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to it. But I am not lamenting the fruits of clinical and patho-
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comprising about 150 sewer connections and over 500 sanitary privy boxes,
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S,VTURDAY St. Thomas's, 9. 30 a.m. — St. Bartholomew's, 1.30 p.m. —
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Board of Trustees have the gratification of adverting to the unparalleled success of the
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best results are obtained in cases of circumscribed and uncomplicated