Surgery. The latter, it is true, may not find much that is
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(jiaiethol is a derivative of guaiacol, in which the methyl radical
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manageable, as well as most permanent in its effect ; but if it disap-
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each pai'ish to provide conveyances for this exclusive
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dean of the medical faculty and president of the Alumni Asso-
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meat powders, containing three or four times as much nourishment as a
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to permit of ready diagnosis, even by the physician, and
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June and July he continued to improve, but complained of occasional pain in the
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and rushed about the room, striking herself against objects with great
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C.-r. 188,5, Par., 1886, xiv, pt. 2. 608-614. . De I'anti-
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As a nerve stimulant aud restorative in wasting and debilitating diseases, as a constructive agent in
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secondary to changes brought about either in the circulating blood
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without inwards, first grasping with the left hand the tissues
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ally develops into a large tumor. This sac formation, small at
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will report in person to the commanding general. Division
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birth some thousands of years ; and he, for that birth, required a
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one, and I hasten to disclaim any discovery of it on my part
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HCl is also absent in carcinoma of the esophagus, duodenum, extensive amyloid
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diuresis, especially in patients with marked edema. In them salt
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1. Orgain, E. S.: Pheochromocytoma: value of certain
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review as dictated by their merits, or in the interest of our readers.
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alternately— ^those who could breathe through either side
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which the bacilli had been dried, or with fresh bouillon-
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yet the ordinary sound has been so easily passed through the
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A Well-deseryed Compliment.— Dr. I. Boas, of Berlin,
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tization is due to a predominance in the latter siage of
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