antrum from the inner side of the cheek ; but the operation

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would do so sometimes almost at once, often in three to five minutes

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only from that standpoint could one hope for advancement in the elucidation

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General Hospital, and was a resident at Georgetown Hospital and the

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cordis along the margin of the ribs, nearly to the loin of the side affected ;

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Pathology and Symptoms of Specific Yellow Fever, . . . 479

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the greater curvature becomes drawn up by perigastric ad-

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Among the articles of noteworthy interest in the Popular

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fetus. The testis of the male, the ovary of the female, are originally

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which was induced in the lower limbs. Prompt relief of the

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ure was confined to the right iliac fossa. Operation,

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liver ; fish of all kinds, except oysters ; fats, including bone-marrow,

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ularity seen in the calcaneus (c) were the result of an older lesion of

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gen, the liver does not act on poisons, but it suflices to

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tions auatomiques du nerf optique dans I'intoxication par

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for, because she (her miistress) had told her what they were for; that

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already set in before we see the case, then our line of treatment is the

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also, with the father of subjects of Figs. 4, 7, and 8. He lived twenty

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substance every hour, or at least once every four hours. Its application is also

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state could resort, eren in greater numbers than they do now,

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shower) is tonic and exhilarating and most suitable for the vigoroas.

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Marchiafava e Bignami : Azione della chinina sui parassiti malarici, in Sulle

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morphia, (about a sixth of a grain,) was inserted. Some time after

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pathic literature. It appears that this man, who apart from

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receipts during last three years, upwards of £300. To let or sell with

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care of insane persons for whom there is no hope of

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expression of the results of a long experience it could not well be other-

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tery Willi pulsating exopbtbalnios. Memphis M. Month.,

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The subject of the treatment of puerperal eclampsia

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of glycerine and creosote in scarlatina, I have used these remedies com-