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muzzling should be required at least in infected areas, there

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and careful medical attention which he receives, will be all in his

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granted, December 19, 1894, a special hearing to those

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remissions, which would render the judgment of therapeutic

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spleen maj become so enormous as to measure one foot to a foot and

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entirely gone, and never reappeared. The child was a healthy

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and severe paroxysmal tachycardia. As regards the use of morphia in

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I. Substances which act upon tile Solids and Fluids of

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practitioners, or who fails to protest against its adoption

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clairvoyants, many obscure points in history might be cleared up, and that by

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Case of InsuBceptibility to the Ejects of Medicine. 257

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Improvement gradually took place, the power of pro-

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The appetite had returned meanwhile, but the patient was compelled to be

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keep up their zeal throughout the arduous labors entailed by the anti-

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was due to the presence of copper in the shell-fish.

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day after the operation. It left the hospital, well, six days

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which, as the disease advances, grows more intensely yellow.

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becomes very irritable, restless, melancholic, low spirited, associated

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But, patting aside all tbese sonrces of danger, which are more or less

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and not rarelv in several members of the same fiimilv,

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in every reacting case a tuberculous focus is contained

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sufficiently conservative to suit the most fastidious. Therefore these

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ate mother, giving thanks that here thej were safe and happy? The an-

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to attack travellers, is a disease of some importance. Similar skin

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Duke, born in the year of the rebellion 1745, and brother of

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had him placed in a hip-bath, and I returned in two hours, when I readily

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followed by a very marked decrease in typhoid fever

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one, two, or even three filaments issue from a spore.

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degree of certainty. If the record shows a daily ele-

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The diagnosis v^as confirmed by both macroscopic and microscopic

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Upon auscultation^ friction-sounds are heard whenever the sur-