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    during the two subsequent days, 173 fluid ounces of good pus, devoid

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    BnoLOGT.— The actual changes in the bones in rachitis consist,

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    4.046 inches fell on 24 days. On the other hand, in 1889, only

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    been reported, it is indeed surprising that one meets with

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    fed. Then the supply of good fresh ooVs, goat's, or ass's milk may carry

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    new cases have been admitted since the last visit, they say without hesitation,

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    prejudices and a life-time of deformity for the patient.

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    specific, as well in its symptoms as in its pathological

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    Capen & Co., the publishers, are driving it through the press, we under-

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    pects the same means may be pursued. In some cases, four or five

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    the face. In most cases application over the occiput re-

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    the landing port of foreign beasts to the Metropolitan Cattle

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    coming into contact with urine in the bladder at this

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    in a piece of meat, will prevent hydrophobia, if given within

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    number of small tubercular ulcers, while in the colon

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    way that is very conducive to inflammatory processes, ending in ulceration

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    closed. A glass dilator was worn with intervals for five weeks. The lady was

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    that the bed in which he slept contained a large number

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    practiced with success during the last fifty years. Dr. Merriman has practiced

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    the negative pole was not changed by the nitrogen and free

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    Si'iiPTOMS of Brain Tumor. Intracran.ial compression in brain

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    unless there is constant supervision, and there rarely is anyone on

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    and by more or less general oedema, which commences in the face. In some

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    January 5. Has had no sleep. Tremens well marked. Endeavours to get

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    organs, in the muscles and around the joints; and this sudden

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    portion of the prostatic obstruction as may In- desired, leav-

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    tuberculosis bacilli, but some other form of the streptococcal

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    eral peritonitis and collapse have supervened. There may be

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    times by forming scattered, isolated, more or less pedunculated growths.

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    sionally met with. The liver is usually congested, somewliat enlarged, and

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    flexes were normal, pupils also. He presented a senile

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    was a boy eleven years of age who had received a blow from a cricket