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based on any very accurate scientific or statistical basis, and

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3. Viewpoints on Digestive Diseases, 1, No. 1, April, 1969.

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any of the conditions for which this case was mistaken.

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of warmth, caused by the evaporation of the perspiration, oontribula

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the inferior strait, rotation having taken place, the left-hand or male

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appear in a definite spinal area or along nerve trunks orig-

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first nurse had been addicted to the use of alcohol, thought

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Mr. H. Lee could not admit that either of the cases read were acute rheuma-

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Ill the first place, I have substituted German silver and brass

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Company in the form of so-called "Bacteria Dried." These are

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Inspector-General Mttrbay had been led by his observations

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a death-blow at the legitimate practice of medicine, and

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for example the action of celery and lettuce on the

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than Prussio acid and Asparagine. We may perhaps, then be excused

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tion. It is not my purpose at present to discuss the

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to be demonstrable. The fact that hemorrhage begins at varying

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condition which limits the possibility of increasing the minute-volume

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tant plan, which he says he had followed for twenty-eight years,

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were first induced to undertake the charge of this journal;

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runs through the book. It would be certainly highly im-

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fissures, and wounds afford accidental but suitable nurseries for many

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establishment where the disease was known to exist among the

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NNilliam MnrHh..!!. son . Earl of Pcmbroko (ob. 1219).

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reforms continues, and reforms are implemented and, subsequently, modi-

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ble. It must have been thirty-five or forty minutes after taking the

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2. Nature. Frequency, and Possible Significance of the Various Forms

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Royal Institution, 3 p.m. Prof. Roscoe, " On the Chemical Action

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It is your office not only to regulate the corporeal, but, in many cases,

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