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much they respect us and how highly they regard doctors.
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Incision was made beneath the inner two-thirds of Poupart^s
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Eruptic Fevers, and a full page plate showing at a glance the
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while the trunk served as the location for only about 5% of the sores.
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emetic ; on the seventh day of disease, two drachms of wine
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Banti's disease; (2) the resemblance of Banti's disease to atrophic
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])arse, or after the menopause. None of the cases from the Maternity
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toxicity inert. Some of the products of the digestion of protein are quite
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by twisted suture, the lower angle being left free. The patient bore well
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Paralysis is often seen. The commonest form is the familiar ivrist-
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then with a fifty^per-cent H2O2, packing the cavity with iodoform gauze,
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With regard to the evidence as to the sufficiency of the bites alone
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