No. 22, p. 1131) has met with such a case and cured it by the following
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floor containing twenty-four beds. There are to be two
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avoided as much as possible, on the supposition that
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In cases of high femoral aneurysms a provisional loop
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empty. The passage had been obstructed in some unknown
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jurious to the organism is such an abnormal condition
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ing anesthetic case. On the occasion of the first inoculation, doses varv-
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effect was to stimulate the rapidity of the heart action and cause an
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pillars of the fauces. What constitutes a healthy appearance of this
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; from the bowels, and complete cure of the sciatica.
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education, has kindly accepted the post of honorary secretary in
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means of sliding movements like those of the inguinal truss invented by
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were evident at times. He claims certain precautions are neces-
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may give rise to inflammatory reaction, ending, perhaps, in
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and the mucous membrane of the alimentary canal, and all these
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aperture. Air entered quite as well as through the larg-
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pain in the liver, tenderness on percussion, and still
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interrupted by corrective saccades in the opposite direction
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ment consisted of a few grains of Dover's powder. On my return
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and the case was regarded as one of ptomain poisoning,
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Definition. — In a strict sense the term appendicitis should be used to
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it in alcoholic solution, however. It would seem, therefore, that its use
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condition it presents in foetal and infantile life. Some think that this
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cles, evidently sprung from endothelia, and with scanty red-
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