There existed an insane temperament in the Buford family ; his brother,
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secondary syphilis, gave them injections of salvarsan. About a month after-
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“It is ironic that we have demanded the highest stan-
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disease, often njsist all external or internal treatment for thi«e to
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represents almost the same number of exceptions that
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done as deadly execution as sometimes has been done
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I see that I have taken up a great deal of your space, but
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believe I can best illustrate my contention by relating
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Yet it is one that is seldom arrested in its course short of
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of the substance of the cord, so in the case of the brain, if
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1875. J Parry, Peculiar Form of Puerperal Fever. 59
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I ’■ 3 (Svision of GENERAL COV^UTER CORE (800 ) 521--M8
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which I have hitherto used (made ))y Kraft, in Vienna), 1 was care-
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grs. viij of salicylic acid — later, when the pain has
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course; may have larval type, partial development of
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rheumatoid arthritic group, is certainly not striking.
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or " putrid sore throat " of some authors ; and is the name now
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become more frequent, as a rule, with the progress of the growth, and
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ever, when the subject came before Parliament, a terrible indict-
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fourteenth day from the onset a relapse occurs with all the
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" 2. Ces paralysies offi'ent des analogies tr^s grandes avec les
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acknowledged, but the essence of the trouble is not yet
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history, largely in the form of biographies and stories, and
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rent times, and doubtless had received substantially the
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already produced the most admirable and desirable results. Twice have the Senate
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seemed to us to be unreasonable. The dilatation may form a distinct sac
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same or other surfaces. Cleanliness serves another important purpose,
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Last year I was waiteil on by one of a deputation from abroad,
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pages, with 1132 large and elaborate engravings. Price, with illustrations in color, cloth,
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to stamp Adam as a most remarkable helminthological museum, suffering
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with mechanical causes. The positive results of treat-