of the opium and belladonna pills, fifteen grains of

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picture. Distant objects, however, are still seen distinctly,

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ency to a fatal end. Giffin thinks it is quite probable that this condition is

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Nineteen cases of contracted pelvis came under observa-

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action by reason of the superficial course of the nerve filaments. It has

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by making this wound of the anus, you invite an infection by cancer

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a general rule, and the simple incision made thereafter always

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Other cases have been observed in Belgium, Holland, Martinique,

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himself. Softening may commence in any part of a cancerous

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and apply the fluid to the surface with a camels hair brush.

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of sand, with perfectly dry surface, where no vegetation existed, or could

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tures delivered in the Course on Therapeutics at the Woman's

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ducts of the tubercle bacillus. The primary involve-

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pecially the triceps. There was a marked flabbiness of

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distension, or of the pressure made upon them by the movements

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5. Recovery from pellagra is much more frequent and more per-

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pleasure in introducing to you Dr. 0. C. Bass, Professor of Experi-

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large intestine were some cicatricial areas in the mu-

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ments were made of the head unmoulded by labour, there may be

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no means the end of the diagnosis ; the structural lesions of the

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Every ATLAS injectable is manufactured in our own new, ultra-modern

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knife. If the patient can feel this on one side but not on the other, sensation

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if to remove some pressure or obstruction, the face is, usually, pale, though

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