tion of the bougie than does the movement in a vertical direction, and so favours
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Increased Atmospheric Pressure. — While man is often exposed to
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organs. So that this method when combined with ureteral
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of the peripheral type, and there was absolutely no
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English work to compare with this series of lectures which does
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have had two trials and he has beaten us both times. That is one ex-
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a more or less permanent cure, thus according with the
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revealed a systolic heart murmur, and a pulsating tumor iu the
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reason had to work " in a red-hot element," " with his heart's
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In biological laboratories, as is well known, certain protozoa are cultivated
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behind, and close to the urethral orifice in front. A crescentic incision was
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for his recovery. This is the smallest dose of liquid chloroform that has de-
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exclusively affects the zona limitans, where it involves the straight tubules
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tion in the mucous membrane of the stomach, amounting
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application and posology of special and general medicaments.'' — Pharmaceutical Record,
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these in which the activity limits should be carefully looked to.
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in diameter, and some splinters of depressed bone, removed. The
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agents, named stimuli or excitants. They are an excitation.
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>s ,1 ',n.,.'.l U tlu (.,.,.1 n.lkin null,..,l. I h. m,k,„- " . n „,...!>■ tn.m .!,.■
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But the physician at the same time generally carries his
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through this foramen into the perineal region. At this stage of the
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1. For the purpose of providing a constant supply of nutriment, we
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would desire. Ergot — from its special property of stimulating the
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A history of this is given in Mead's works, together with a preface
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3. Greenwald, I.: The Estimation of Nonprotein Nitrogen in Blood, Jour.
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complicated cases undoubtedly frequently occur ; but the more nume-
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cured. In this case the edges were well cauterized by nitrate of silver
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the lumbosoAyraH roots, — ^Wlien the disease is situated in the sacral
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iodoform gauze, to remain from forty-eight to seventy-two hours.
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themselves, insist on their children eating a proper breakfast, provide a
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value received being the pleasure of erasing your name from our
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given an' absolute rest during the time it is treated.