the undiluted goose serum with dilutions of chicken serum up to and including
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which the purging is continued for three weeks, to the extent of
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tween a perforating ulcer of the duodenum and one of the stomach,
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experienced in eight days ; the disintegrated portions of stone passing aivay vrithout any difficulty.
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road so to aggravate his sufferings, that he stopped in Aiken.
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and movements of the stomach, but as soon as convalescence
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cases, in order to prevent foreign bodies that remain upon the cornea
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preferably according to Murphy's drop method of rectal irrigation. Saline
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isphere was destroyed, but recovery followed without
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not being registered, are practising medicine under
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'• whiskey sling." It was prepared as l)y the hand of
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such of these articles as I have read, their authors' opinions seem to be
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harm than its presence ? If not, it should be removed.
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» Read before the Society of Physicians and Pathologists, Washington, D. C,
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The first real advance in our knowledge of blood transfusion was
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or hiematuria, with renal casts. The spleen is invariably enlarged during
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IL — False Diphtheria^ including all croupous inflammations of
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the three shadows, and is just above the crest of the ilium, and
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14. Metchnikoff, E. : Die Lehre von den Phagocyten und deren experimentelle
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7. — Smallpox mortality per 100,000 of population in Prussia
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stomach, the treatment should be commenced by giving
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Square, complaining of deafness, duration six years. He is unable to
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nine cases of micrognathia, or smallness of the lower jaw, and discusses
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out, men with improved technique and typical cases can readily
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ripe ; second, that an insufficient number of teachers were in-
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done, and declare myself in accord with Warthin and Cowie' in
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excited on this subject, it was necessary, when defects were
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on the iJoth of February, and that my visit to Ment-
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(1610-1673), and Nathaniel Highmore (1613-1684). The
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wards, widening as it ascends. Insertion, inferior semicircular
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