spread thickly on lint and bound on. Beta-naphthol, half a drachm
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    Its essential feature is the detention of a suspected
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    tuberculosis in it. A recognition of this diathetic proclivity warns
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    sidered a recrudescence. A relapse must be characterized by at least
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    of intense or malignant malarial infections are caused by the estivo-
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    and all remained apparently sterile. From the pus in this cyst cultures
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    the frame of the table on either side. All fluids used in
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    a few drops are passed. The urine is dark, and usually contains blood,
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    to detail where necessary and yet never redundant, leaves little to
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    I he usually did so through the urethra forty-eight hours after the
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    death of the patient. Hysterical vomiting or gastric hys-
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    given : the watery extract of aloes, or the confection of senna, or
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    Dr. I. Minis Hays announced that up to three o'clock, Monday, the names
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    importunate for an operation. This I declined until,
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    four days, and sometimes for a still longer period, after the development
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    Fourth District as vice-councilor to the Medical Soci-
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    healing art and its directing science reminds us of the old fable
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    ant Surgeon, relieved from Fort Meade, Dakota, and or-
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    has to bestow ? The diplomas of Fellowship, enclosed in
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    adjustments may be necessary. Clinically insignificant reductions
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    a cast 13 cm. long had been so expelled (Stern). Bircli-Hirschfeld
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    direct relation to the final outcome of the disease. The
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    Powers, and recently by Dr. K Klein, goes to show that
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    and with relish. And, on the other hand, not a few patients who are not
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    these discharges constitute, in part, the expectoration. The germs thus
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    Fig. 2. Showing the inhibiting power at 37^ of heated and unheat«d horse serum dilutions (1 -F 5).
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    and to relieve the spasm three drops of laudanum were also directed.
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    the limb, and measuring two and a half inches by two. It pulsated very forci-
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    ment of trichiasis and distichiasis with entropion, as se-
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    concerning the giving of chloroform in cases of this kind is of great
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    other symptoms described, as indicating this medicine, under the head of
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    University, and fcAV who saAV the retiring professor, Avhose class Avas
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