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Until recently zirconium oxide was quite expensive.

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('Lancet,' 1872, vol. i) an affection which he terms "connective-tissue

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year. In 1840, 1,000,000, and in 1863, 3,000,000 hec-

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ence but the quantitative analyses as well. The patho-

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systolic 160, diastolic 90; on the 12th, systolic 130, diastolic 80; on the 24th,

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enumerates a very large number of cases of illness and

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surgical treatment of the disease, and advances in the understanding of other

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The mortality in this division (No. 1) was, in the years

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Infection may even take place before birth by the passage

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Consecutive Successful Cases of Intubation of the Larynx

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of quinine have been so many and so diverse, that I can well

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beri-beri during their expeditions were placed in villages where

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studying the new treatment of wounds devised by Dr.

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membrane of the heart. On the right side it is contiguous

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