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supply of nerves, motor, sensory, and sympathetic to

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rapidly as it arises. In others, however, it lasts for months,

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The Solano.-The solano is a south-easterly wind, blowing from the Sahara

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disease caused by a peculiar diastasic principle acting on

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of ice or mouthfuls of ice-water are sometimes beneficial, and ocoasioo-

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The skin covering the insertion of the deltoid muscle is the

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XXIV. — A case of Cerebral Sclerosis {? Cerebellar

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be necessary to assume nearly 120 per cent dissociation. On the

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vember 15, Dr. D. Hudson Makuen exhibited 3 cases of

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to be repeated in severe cases. If gangrene occur, surgical

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Pulleys for special direction of muscular action exist in several

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Medieid Auxiliary ever since I moved to Alabama and yet 1

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in a patient in Guy's Hospital in whom a loud whizzing bruit was heard in

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one as a consultation and treatment room and the other

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patients with a creatinine clearance less than 50 ml/mm is 150 mg every 24 hours Should the patient's

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University. Porttmately, we may say that this, so far as a

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the alkaline treatment must be susi>ended for a while, or a secondary deposit

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