SX)gressed favombly, and during the convalescence my attendance ceased,

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mental investigation carried out by Semple and Lamb

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importance of adopting some conventional standard to

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* The average weekly numbers of births and deaths in each of the above

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cases are so extensive that death may be considered as due rather to

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of the state. Bath houses, hotel, theater, base ball and tennis

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inhibition. It also raises the blood pressure through capillary contrac-

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repeated may, if preferred, be employed, but the large dose is more

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withdrawn depending on the gestational age and quantity

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care of the infant, which have been rewritten and new matter

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The economic importance of PeniciUium camemberti depends upon

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Institutes of Medicine, Dr. A. Buchanan, £3 3s. Clinical

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alarmingly feeble. In a fatal case, that of the wife of a physi-

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But, whatever treatment may be adopted, the fact should never be

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The above Preparations are put up in Dispensing and Trade Containers.

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that renal insufficiency may induce reactions and lesions in the liver.

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dental bone itself." The exostoses, so frequently met with on the fangs

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those remedies, but unfortunately it is most uncertain in its production. Were

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calculus, some inflammation set in, but he returned home per-

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to have struck him greatly^ was that of a gentleman who^ under

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Changes in the Spinal Cord in Pernicious Anemia 441

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contents may be less visible, should rest in a metal ring

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reported by Friedeberg of hsemorrhagic eflfusion into the left cere-

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cavity there was no hypersemia, the lungs were normal, the heart

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wickeluug der Fiisswuizcl. (Eiu ncuei- 'laisusknorpel

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of Health, for the week ending September 22, 1883, in-

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tion and anaemia from which recovery is difficult, and a fatal result may take

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case, making the first recorded meridional incision.

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of passing a strong needle obliquely through the bowel wall into the stone

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While this danger seldom occurs in this disease, it should promptly be

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On the removal of the increased pressiue the conditions

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cause or causes — an important fact in a therapeutic point of view. It is,

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