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and oven a labor of love may become a severe tax upon one's
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to discuss the propriety and practicability of tliose attempts, after
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ability of our ancestors to accord irresponsibility in
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and it is only after a long period that the atrophy affects the other muscles
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They act at the same time on the inhibitory centre of
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a portable personal computer. After this verification procedure is finished, treatment
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the " mosquito theory," but in this, as in many other im-
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Tn our o|)inion there can be no doubt but that the two forms
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condition analogous to that of cadaveric rigidity. Tetanus, apoplexy, catalepsy,
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phus, which I have lately treated in St. Peter's Hospital ;
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more recent years white swelling is understood to mean tuberculosis
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the number of medical officers that the first bill would estab-
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to death's door, he experiences a feeling of pardonable exultation at being
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can say that where I have been able to make patients carry out
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Iodoform gauze packing was resorted to, and finally with success, and
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only on an examination of a wound. It is right for him to know that on all
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Quite recently Dr. Wheedon has introduced an entirely different
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interpretation given by Kutherford has met with much ac-
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diseases, where the services of a fully trained nurse
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flays exclusively on belladonna without inconvenience.
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lar fibrillation is notably uncommon in the high-pressure heart.
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striking and peculiar. Both of them are always affected. They
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If no effect is i^roduced within a month, the drug may be consid-
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distinct, were here included. In many the symptoms are not well
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aggravation of their sufferings, and worse condition of the dis-
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she was ready and willing to try anything that held out any
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been insisted on by all subsequent writers. iSir William Gowers found
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stigma, Monobromide of camphor has appeared useful in some cases.
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uterus may be complicated with considerable hemorrhage ; but this
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^^Bith a crowd of beautiful plants. The rootlets now enlarge