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disease, there are yet many variable conditions and circumstances under

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I believe that such propaganda will result in economy, I do not believe

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perature, filth, contamination and menstrual detritus, etc.,

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Apart from this the report is full of interest and on

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things. The passes serve to demagnetize the brain, render-

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International Leprosy Congress in Berlin, giving a detailed

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in number, will prove effective in causing disease when it has

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be longer than the average duration in ordinary variola. The eruption is

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infants bronchopneumonia is frequently mistaken for croupous pneumonia

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such a case, says the author, there are strong a priori grounds for assuming

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needles in the hands and feet is sometimes complained of ; and I find this

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typhoid fever. There also appeared an eruption over the abdomen aud

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Case of InsuBceptibility to the Ejects of Medicine. 257

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cvsts are often found in senile atrophy of the kidney. Cysts may be ibrmed

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