refractory to anthrax ; difficulty of transmitting it to sheep,

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Dr. Southwick's case of adeno-carcinoma, together with speci-

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the statement that I have never yet seen a case in which I

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30. Chloroform; its Properties and Safety in Childbirth. By E. W.

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(nitric acid converts it into made acid). It readily undergoes the

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mission day or night until her child was born ten days later, after a

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sure. Control experiments have proved its superiority

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and would call it the American operation as first de-

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171; 199. Also, transl. [Abstr.]; Therap. Monatsh Berl.,

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the subjects of X-rays and phototherapy have not been deeply considered.

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expel large numbers of lepra bacilli in droplets of mucus. Dust and

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and a half pounds more than on admission. Two months

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sioner on Trials, Dr. S. Durkee. CV/j.^o/-.s-, Dns. F. E. Oliver, F. Minut,

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in the Bill which said that if it turned out that among the

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in connection with the placenta, causing degenerative

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persist in the pus-infected tissues, and, when the injected antitoxin has

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of a clear amber color liquid, of sligiilly spirituous

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there are two well-defined cases of leprosy near English,

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of the treatment, the patient is not required to remain in

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have suspected malingering, had not the physical signs of a former pleuritic

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five days, in the other six days, after the injury. He thus describes

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* On Corpulence, or Excess of Fat in the Human Body, by T. K. Chambers. Lon-

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tem; especially, where the haemorrhagy has been often repeat-

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which was distinctly visible, and also exhibiting active

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acter. He says, if two specimens of pus be taken, one from a

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posited in the structure of the bones, and there excites a form

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details are given of the operations already performed, but these will no

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withdrawn from the canula; the pulse had already ceased to beat for some