which needs no eulogism, it speaks for itself and will be esteemed by the physi-
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carbonic-oxide poisoning, he nevertheless believed that in
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trates. Only this time, the problem is not the initially treated
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About January 20, 1883, patient got an attack of er^'sipelas, which spread over the
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The delirium is alwaj's greater, and may be manifested only, during the
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nally the disease has been a motor paralysis), depends upon retarda-
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matic sulfate, the chlorids, and carbonates, are wll
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with an interrupterless machine can be more exactly reproduced from
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diseases, you will not have to treat them. The main trouble is that we
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Mesnil, Nicolle, and Remlieger (1904). C. R. Soc. Biologic, p. 167 ;
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ments are making every preparation to insure an interesting
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lesser pectoral muscles were little more dense than the strongest brown
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food materials used, before being cooked, instead of being esti-
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people, was that I should think they would get tired from seeing so
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tenaculum are this plastic material which has become
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Dr. Ben Hackney, Lucama : I have been well impressed with this
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A Manual of the Practice of Medicine. By George Roe Lockwood,
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remainder on the fire to warm, with a tablespoonful of moist
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very opposite of this, and has yet led to equally desirable results, I beg leave
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rather than the number of allocated employee positions. 16
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are often bene6cial, especially for pain in the head.
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jesLTs, be able to withstand the polluted atmosphere of the dissect-
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of filth, as to resemble the rash of typhus, while any symptoms which
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rejects by vomiting, or, worse, by diarrhoea. In the former case, they
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phenomena in a case in which lamb's blood was used. Nicholas
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France when I found that to go from a ward of unoccui)ied fracture cases
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N.B. — The practice of native ayahs (female servants)
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