unfavourable to cardiac nutrition and to cardiac action, as well as cardiac
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At the last meeting of the Clinical Society the subject
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Sym^ptoms. — As a rule the symptoms of haemophilia show
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The data given indicates that in a severe anemia renal function, as
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mosing lines as though taking the course of the lymphatic vessels, some-
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which was entirely imknown and overlooked, post mortem^ until the
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apparent, in tretitintr of intlivMual diseases, when the inquiry arises re-
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and there is no carbon. The ethylic lamp yields to the plate
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not already taken some aperient. If in a few days this
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IT IS AN EXCELLENT and very effective means of conveying to
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Lead Poisoning in Children. — Plumbism in infancy and early child-
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show. At any rate, the practical conditions which tend to
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its practical duties— through the long period of thirty-five years. In-
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tures cannot well be applied. Sometimes serious damage to the intra-
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problem of "infant-feeding" is still in a maze of doubt and
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this, morning or evening, or at both those periods if found neces-
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To the imaginative all sorts of possibilities will present them-
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Bosworth's saw, which serves equally well for bone and cartilage. The
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beer or stout, or a little wine at dinner-time. That may be helpful
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various subjects and terms of Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Chemistry, Pharmai \ ,
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On the Use of Iodic Acid and lodate of Iron. By John W. Ogle, SI.D. 340
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appear to be cytolitic in action, the histological picture indicat-
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would have been nothing to suggest the larval forms were even ahve.
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the segment of the artery sutured will not allow the blood to pass
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gradually diminished towards the ileo-colic valve, and the
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evening bath was continued 10 or 12 minutes. The surface
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full dose of thymol and the examination of the resulting
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them lying dead by the side of tanks and nullahs. On the follow-
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or smaller number in the blood, spleen, kidneys, liver, lymphatic
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syrup. This not only destroys the bacilli but is claimed to act