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seen in other forms of septic intoxication, such as elevation of temperature
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importance. To the objection that the distinctions are too refined
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in 105, and in 11 cases of gall stones it was free in 5 cases. Mikulicz
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During the American civil war the injurious effect of military
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for an average of $1,750, the highest price being $2,300.
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Pa. ; Some Points Connected with the Subject of Dys-
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are soft, fluctuating, and reducible. Their seat is in
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(nitric acid converts it into made acid). It readily undergoes the
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Dr. Camps pointed out the dissimilarity of the disease from
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soft palate can become paralyzed. It may occur m coiv.
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row, forgetting that these causes may be also resident in the nervous
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authorities have contended that we would be unable to assemble in
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The name of Henle he holds in sweet recollection when he reflects
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age, food, health or ill-health, have naturally no effect; if the trypanosome
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arrest hemorrhage completely with fine catgut ligatures, or by torsion of
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hemiplegia, uncomplicated with any affection of cranial nerves or nuclei.
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sternum may occur. The clinical phenomena are those of pulmonary
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Many of these graduates are now in the high and graded
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On the Principles and Practice of Surgery -------_«« Da. Otii.
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the landing port of foreign beasts to the Metropolitan Cattle
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Wharton Sinkler, of Philadelphia, read a paper with
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during the current year with that of the preceding it is
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about fifteen children in charge. The method of instruction
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region is granular, thickened, and ulcerated. Pressing
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for their important services, which was unanimously agreed
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number of suicides, especially of those under sixteen
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tube, and the results of inflation are characteristic.
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spot behind and below the right ear ; and the lower cut six inches in length,
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tion of a part may be determined by even trifling or
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Every disease was divisible into certain disease-elements,
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in fatty heart. It also lessened putrefactive changes
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induced upon these membranes by inflammation must be carefully
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nearly 11, and is chiefly remarkable for her diminutive size; height,
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Register of the said College by reason of infamous or dis-
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the effect of the adenoma acting as a foreign body in the gland. In