Among hysterical women there are many delightful odors, violet and pine-
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1 1 a half— Almost complete saponification of the fatty parts of the face neck
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cases, imfortunately, as scandalous as they are of firequent recurrence, in
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failure to contract at some particular point. The portion first
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occurred of an individual who went through a very severe attack of
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])hysical chemistry to physiology, the vitamines, and reproduc-
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It presents in its earlier stages a glistening tendinous aspect,
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Meningitis, meningococcus, in an infant four months of age, cured by anti-
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3. Bark Brown. Venice turpentine 4 oz., fine shell-lac 7 i
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hi .Ming the mainspring ; I change in this manner the condition necessary
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183 Lung Infarction and Pneumonia In Cardiopathies — a Case
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ment, or subjecting the patient to a sufficient examination. After this agita-
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Nov. 22-23: Annual convention. National Society for
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^he fever and then the patient dies for tlje want of it. So long as a
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proceed to the Yosemite National Park, California, for duty
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ment, while those found in the urine were to be referred to in-
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Collections from delinquents, . . 124 00 W. P. Walton, printing, .... 6 75
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stereoscopic radiographs is shown in Stereo 8. Here we find
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finally cause esophageal stenosis, papillomata, ephithetioma and tuber-
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luetin, 28 positive Wasserman. Dr. Jessie Fisher reports out
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Table 25. — Catalytic Activity in Urinary Obstruction (Case 39)
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Digitalin may take the place of digitalis. He has been
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remark applies to the post mortem appearances of the respective
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[Reprinted from The Journal of Experimental Medicine, June 1, 1921, Vol. xxxiii,
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ing, we may hope that the present septennial influenza period is
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spirituous blood to that which is found circulating in the
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varying length of time the growth may attain such a
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pended by spasm of the larynx and respiratory muscles, the long duration
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seekers is exhausted before they know it, and before " remittances " come
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bullet, can sterile. (2) Bullet infected (pure culture),