Progressive Medicine : A Quarterly Digest of Advances, Discov-
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walk with my friends, we go swimming. We- undressed. In Swaziland
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combined with technical knowledge of the laws of physics and
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About two years ago the little city of Asheville, N. C, passed an
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The Committee members are willing to set up interventions, recommend treat-
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that gentleman remarked "that the prosecuting attorney of a
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perhaps with even more injurious results. The liberal use of
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Dr. Elbert, of Iowa, offered the following resolutions.
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parts, increased the unpromising appearance of the case.
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foot should be made, beginning directly in front of the
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and melt in it a piece of white wax and a little loaf sugar.
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Banti's disease; (2) the resemblance of Banti's disease to atrophic
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Surgeon to the Baltimore Eye, Ear and Throat Charity
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bile duct; they assume the appearance of abscesses with green, semifluid
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philosopher of the seventeenth century, who was also a
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see the case by Dr. Douglass, found a pulsating tumor,
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guished from Fungus haematodes, I have seen several, have
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question about it, reliance should be placed on the
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to watch for symptoms of acute nephritis, since this makes the prog-
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that chronic appendicitis persists, so that when the inflammation
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liie HpSy the base and edges of the tongue on the affected side ; the
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if to remove some pressure or obstruction, the face is, usually, pale, though
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this case contains the caseated debris and shreds of decomposing
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ceed so decidedly, were it not that this man has been
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dependent parts, such as the limbs, lower portion of the face,
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in the day, (not unfrequently four o'clock), before all the officers
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tion authorizing the teaching of the old colored preacher that "de
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the other on the outside of the limb. When properly
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played and too much time expended upon the training of a few men
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of the cornu and either fornix, while the portio is also diseased,
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from fluidified gelatin cultures of Proteus Hauseri, a poison which
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eased joints with various substances for the cure of diseases and I
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its periodical literature and new works, and supplied with the latest