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(1) Extradural hemorrhage does not give rise to cord lesions or symp-

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Some cases were reported by Gellhorn of St. Louis. In

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definite pathologic changes to it. Gowers 22 defines coma as a prolonged

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always as prevalent, though only now discovered by the improved means

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and before they are again put on the horse, they should be

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severity occur in conjunction with more or less rapidly

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horizontally. Both results are thoroughly unfavorable for palpation, and, besides,

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gap that exists, as far as a haemorrhagic tendency is

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improve ; plants, and lower down fish appear, and still farther

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preceded by symptoms referable to the head, such as cephalalgia, vertigo,

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scapulae behind while the arms are held horizontally. The measure-

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Eye-strengthenor. No. 630889; Aug. 15, 1899. — Clioate

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ed the treatment with a simple laxative. Subsequently I used the Pineo-

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slowly absorbed, traces of them being felt six months afterwards. It was

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where the local authorities acted with vigour, but lingered in

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Involuntary movements. — A. Tremors. — Though paralysis and contrac-

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demonstrate the futility of much of the traditional treat-

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" a great friend of music and the arts in general."

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patient and preparations for intubation or tracheotomy, steam

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tudinal bundle cross over to the opposite third nucleus : but it is un-

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ed with suspicion. Prannsserotina and P. virginiana are well

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are firmly closed during the convulsion ; the blood

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in chronic "gouty" and "rheumatic" conditions, although their

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added in any proportion short of fifty per cent., either

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especial pathologic significance, because it is also observed in perfectly

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Pliil.a., 1898, xxTii, 537 - 5;J9. — Keen { W. W. ) Fecal