Connecticut School of Pharmacy, Storrs. BRIAN COOPER, M.D.,

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Dated December 16, 1917.— Captain Charles H. Stringer; Captain Gilbert G. Collet, M.B. ;

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so sloivly* the patient's pulse continues good, the abdomen

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usual. Afterwards he felt well again, and noticed' no-

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to the profession, and to humanity, in making known

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which case the motions mav contain streaks of blood. An eruption of red

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the baby received different food from that of all the other affected

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which was the tincture of the chloride of iron. If it produced

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policies concerning utilization of auxiliary labor, facilities, CBR

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priety of inducing premature delivery for prevention of con-

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be classified as follows : I. — The Dwelling : 1. Dwellings; models and

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in the advancement of medical science was taken by those

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to his destined port, without plying his rudder, or shifting his

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for the subscriptions due for the period during which he has availed

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become greatly swollen and firm, and on section show a surface mottled

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evacuation of greenish -yellow colour, and vomited onoe, ' but

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potassium iu epilepsy, and its proper dose. Dr. Clotjs-

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nor because they have not been already satis fee tori ly refuted ; but the

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there was marrow without true bone, but it is possible that he is too liberal in

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cause the epithelium is the final barrier that guards the air

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at the Grady Hospital, found a great of the conditions under which the disease

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in all tuberculous subjects. Subsequent experiments, however, while

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tion, and not the cause of the condition, a mixed infec-

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and damp. It generally comes on suddenly, without pain or tenderness,

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In this connection Park says : " The cases which present the charac-

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after withdrew it. She recovered completely, and is now a living monu-

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Purpura may occur in the distribution of the affected nerve in severe

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banks of the Nile, or in the more cultivated countries of Europe,

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