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ordeal of an acute pneumonia, and the fifth will succumb to
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tain. For this purpose, I have performed the opera-
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Diarmid (A.) Separation of the lower epiphysis of tlie
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died, Dinwiddie a fed 4 native pigs, averaging about 50 pounds in
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also a very profuse metrorrhagia. On palpating the abdomen
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campaigns, such as the present, are many. There have indeed
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intervals ('A Critical Inquiry regarding Superfoetation, with Cases,' 1865).
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they were of a livid brown ; dark violet after 7 hours,
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nd died in about fourteen hours. The body, which had been buried, was
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Glass, James H., 170 Genesee St., Utica, Oneida Co.
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City of London Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, Victoria Park, E.;
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With the exception of a chapter in Dr. Smith's work, the
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On the Use of Iodic Acid and lodate of Iron. By John W. Ogle, SI.D. 340
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The phenomenon was very marked in 3 cases, moderately so in
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is no connection between urea and chlorid functions.
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Dr. Bray — As I understand it, our public prosecutor does not submit every case to the
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instructions for dental units, and dental supply instructions ap-
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hepatica; dysmenorrhcealis ; haemorrhoidalis; et neona-
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protein, same as corresponding values in column D minus 1.25.
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ground that its provisions, were they applied to Scotland,
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epithelium takes place. Excepting the presence of desquamated epithelium,
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of the excellent critical work done since 1861 (e.g., by
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has so largely substituted the careful regulation of all
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serviceable in this species of phthisis in its incipi-
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ly , and the absence of any evidences of success after a few trials, are
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In connection with this subject it may be observed that some patients
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hours and 7.0 hours ; 1907, 129.4 hours and 4.3 hours ; and 1908,
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There was also a stellate fracture covering the upper
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occurs from contaminated food, drinking water, hair-
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their idea of the cause of traumatic fever; for instance,
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symptoms as being definitely connected, even with their inordinate