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any other animal. Corn is, in course, an extra charge.

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dency to the production of any secondary local affection.

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next noticed — namely, vesicular emphysema, retinitis albimu-

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power of ordinary medicaments. Of necessity, he knew nnich of human nature. The inner history — even the

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is mentioned as a cause in one case. In one case, Richelot's, the

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odor. When quite pure inodorous; scarcely soluble in cold water;

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immunohematology as it relates to transfusion therapy and bone

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learn two or more good preparations of iron, but he

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from a vena porta? obstructed by hepatic disease, and partly by the

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employed the monetary comparison in describing the progress

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kidneys ; keep the liver only gently open, and that the asth-

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slight vadum. The mcditemporal fissure is represented

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attended with amyloid degenerations. The changes men-

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The German poet, Heine, during the eight years he lay bed-ridden with a'form

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was discontinued. There were no indications of lues. In

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as extended by the Dublin Corporation Act, 1900, together with

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punehed-out and more or less superficial; the latter often funnel-shaped,

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of these cases, but I will in a general way briefly refer to

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Iced water applied, with single layer of lint, to the wound.

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in vinegar, and taken up with lints being applied, and the head raised up. Neither

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The examination of the intestines was a brief one, as

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O&teosarcoma of humerus : o, lamellaf of bone: 6. spindle-cell of the sarcoma; c, giant-cell acting as au oirteoclastand

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Tucker (C. E.) Malarial diseases in infants and chil-