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presumably unoccluded. Daily or alternate-day applica-
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XIII. Von Wahl treated, during six years in St. Petersburg, 354
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myself at the bedside, in reference to the cardiac phenomena
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mildest disturbances which the taenia occasions, are winding, twisting,
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baby feeding, giving an interesting history of the extraor-
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icters. The leaves are of a dark green colour, with a reddish coloured
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all cases seen by Professor Simonds the eruption preceded the
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by a substitute, the 500 nurses have all been seen by me
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of the eyelids more conspicuous in some cases of discrete smallpox than in
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the uterus in the treatment of endometritis and in curetting. One
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of Cheltenham, has lately published an instance in which he am-
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110. — ITlorabito. Su uncasod' ulcere sifilitico della pal-
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to the food, together with (at proper ages) a due amount of green
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erysipelas increase the activity of the cells in an anthrax-infected organism
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uterus revealed a small localized area of retained pla-
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the use of mercury unsuccessfully administered for the origi-
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is secreted. The stomach pours out this secretion even when free from
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ciencies (no numbers given) in 10/14 cases, and in 6 of 7
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excess of the subarachnoid fluid, due to atrophy of the
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ceived by a perusal of "The Thomsonian's Manual and Vade Mecum."
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was fine crepitation over the lower third of the lungs posteriorly, pre-
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THE PATENT LEG has been in use 12 years, and the in-
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of a very early crisis in 13 of them, and therefore the preven-
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in science, invited by the council, who shall have paid the fee of £1 sterling,
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advantage of any improvement iu the treatment of any
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.•^liddea variations of temperature, especially when combined with damp and wet weather;
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retains its normal dimensions or exceeds them. Whilst the lingual