colored macular eruption, which disappears on pressure upon
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as before stated, was in a gangrenous condition and bent
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up all day is a little tired at night, the heart-rate is a little more
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with the Home for Dependent ChildTen, where we have had much diphtheria
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good results, but the difficulties in obtaining such tissue make this an
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••• The area of each district is stated in acres. The population is
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A sixth and still more interesting point is the re-
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grows. I shall mention one case observed in the Grei&walder dinic^
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spinal canal with physiologic solution. The combined intraspinal and
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sending them, desires to bring to our notice should be marked. Mem-
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This last contribution of Prof. Flint to medical literature
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rial absorbed from the original foci of disease; and hence
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to the one Dr. Roberts has described in some features, but it was deep
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of the neck, which had existed for five months, markedly improved, and by
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the base hospital with bedsores already developed, they may
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Supply and Public Health." In addition to the discussion
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mental investigation carried out by Semple and Lamb
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field is normal and tlie scotoma has contracted to an oblong rod
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curetted and plugged. A month later the left frontal sinus was
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nerve power increased by gradually exposing the skin to
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Before entering into details, let us consider the anatomic changes
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eighteen to twenty hours after my injection of antitoxine
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orate in strength." This accords exactly with my own
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cutaneous sensibility of the thigh, due to a change in the superficial nerves,
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to secure absolute accuracy as a quantitative method of determining the
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I S T^rnJ to V ii. The definition of insanity becomes very expansive
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of 1899. The pigs of Lots I to IV were from eight to twelve months old
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horseback riding, butter or very greasy food, and all kinds of spirits