are accompanied by chronic indurating inflammatory processes

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mucous membrane, as suggested by Weir, thus forming a

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paroxysm occurred after the first dose in 202 ; in the remaining 108, there were

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pened, ou Dr. Barclay's hypothesis, that the far more powerful

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for April, 1862, contains a review of the volume of Transactions in which Dr.

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■ >l>sletriealiy, in the skull of the child, are

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worse. He got up feeling very tired and depressed, with a sense of

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mixtures are commonly sold here under the name of Burgundy, h.ave been induced to establish a Depot for supplying true and unsophisticated Wines

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of the operation is a serious (often a capillary) bronchitis. This

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other connected with a tube through which the contents of the cylinder

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not be taken as possessing exact numerical accuracy. During the early

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ing excellent workmanship. The printing office showed a

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in the cost, as I believe it an ideal preparation in certain cases.

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asylum inmates are now, thanks to hypnotism, leading active and useful

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was hitched to the loop, a wooden strut being placed be-

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ation by the rectum about this time revealed an enlarged pros-

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radiant heat, and the parts are rubbed gently Avith snow or iced water

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vomit, and of the dejections of these patients were ex-

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body might cause ulceration if not removed, which would be

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C.-r. 188,5, Par., 1886, xiv, pt. 2. 608-614. . De I'anti-

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but those in question are excellent specimens of the best workman-

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cases of extensive treatment takni in the latter way

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soon surrounded by a large clientele of sufferers from

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etc., according to the indications of each individual case.

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of Czerny," Mikulicz,'' Hartmann and Soupault," Carl

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(C) The making of grants to State health authorities to assist in meeting their costs in

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tightly closed and prevents absolutely the penetration of the solu-

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had twisted large arteries one hundred and eighty-four times without secondary

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gers of the formation of adhesions, of twisting of the pedi-

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setts General Hospital, and we are firmly determined

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and softening of the area of cerebral tissue which is

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in after times, when the Romans substituted tiie gladiatorian contests (munera gla-

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following reasons briefly restated: a considerable number of

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A meeting was held at the Center and Walnut-street school, in the rooms

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quences, as is that of an inherited predisposition to the most incur-

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Chest Fluid 4. — Man, aged 42 years. Cardiac, general edema; volume of