which amounts in an active person to over two pounds daily. Work
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The attack may be preceded by a sense of suffocation, palpitation,
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their normal striated appearance and to be granular in aspect. There
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Many say that poverty burdens life with anxiety, tills it with
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Neuralgias of the trifacial and intercostal nerves follow sciatica in
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in establishing the women's hospital in N. Y. city, — received many
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When menstruation occurs, many changes are observed in the
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come the wasting of the paralyzed muscles and to aid in their restora-
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Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1909, by
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iary respiratory muscles being called in i^lay. Despite the insuffi-
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explaining the occurrence of delirium in a given case of pericarditis.
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it has not either relieved or permanently benefited.
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the muscles, twitching about the mouth, rigid limbs, eyes rolled
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anaemia from severe nosebleed, or hemorrhage from the stomach or bowel,
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as thirst, loss of appetite, quickened respiration, emaciation and
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studied by the masses. Even the school children -are now taught the
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for all the complications of diabetes. Probably they are manifold.
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to this disease, especially at or about the period of the menopause ;
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especially likely to occur on persons who have light hair and com-
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the urates out of the blood into the tissues from which they had been
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traced in several ways : (1) Through the establishing of an hereditary
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this disease the best are phosphorus, iron and cod liver oil. The
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nomena of phlebitis, but as this usually terminates in recovery, little
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classes of products which are still "seen through a glass darkly," the very
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the nuclei are much increased in number, and we recognize the lesions
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3. Directions for 3Ieasuring the Intensity of the Glycosuria.
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c. The Injur ionsness of the Carbohyclrafes. — Under certain circum-
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of the lecture room is an apparatus room for chemistry
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and cannot enjoy tub-baths on account of the fearful burning and
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ization, and painful crises. Galen accepted this doctrine, and added
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mation does not militate against the theory of retrocession, for daih'
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sphere. This difficulty only creates a necessity for more ^igoroiis ef-
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shows no blood, only occasionally casts, the albumin is not constant, is
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Thrombosis. — This is the technical designation of a clot which
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the prospective mother's contemplations. Remember that although
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I. — Nursing. II. — Diet for the Sick and its Preparation.
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ment reopens the lacerated surfaces and prevents healing by first in-
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over the organ in these cases. In these instances there is almost
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Orange Jelly. — Take one ounce of gelatin, one pint of orange
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that fibrin can form casts. There is good reason to suppose that hyaline
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