In the bronchial irritation attendant upon the exanthematous fevers, poultices

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    a warm place into the cold air. Stuffiiness of the nose.

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    is occasioiially severe^ but in the daytime the thermometer but

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    laryngitis is observed in hysteria, in paralysis of the vocal

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    is capable of reading what the tongue discloses, and even

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    either rests upon the dressings of the affected part, or is suspended immediately

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    biting this is by softening thin sections of muscles by mace-

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    IVom these transitory and less important kinds of albuminuria,

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    when he has to do with too voluminous a stone to admit of extrac-

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    their sources may be, is prevented. High winds and thunder storms are

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    period of development, structures may easily be isolated, bearing

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    applied with less effect than was desirable, but the vesication was perfect when

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    Eczema of the Canal. — A person subject to eczema may I

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    Poe wrote, in his Purloined Letter, ". . .to conceal

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    only information he could obtain in reference to the operation was, that it was

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    isolation by means of connective tissue which it may subse-

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    syphilis; (7) sometimes scarlet fever or measles; and (7)

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    other Surgical Apparatus. Illustrated by 110 engravings

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    functional disturbance,'' while in the ^^ graver attacks there is always

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    Gazette, vol. xxvi, p. 637; British and Foreign Medical Review, vol. xi,

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    sudden convulsion with the onset of an acute fever,

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    nised. "The atrophy sometimes advances in a verv remarkable

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    hours in water, maintaining' a slight alkaline reaction in the liquid. When

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    instance. The upper layer is of a granular substance; the lower is

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    every muscular intuition has its due place and influence in our

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    that he is incapable of feeling pam or fatigue or hardly

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    a deficiency of it in any cases till the softness of the clot is proved not to de-

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    with the probable exception of the brain itself, the arterial

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    that completed the delivery three quarters of an hour after the head had

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    As to the origin of this casting of the uterine mucous membrane,

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    diminution in its size, from the large portion of the iris which was adhe-

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    so-called cases of ** shock " in railway accidents. One or two suggestive cases

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    Diphtheria appears to have been prevalent in some parts of

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