Rome are contributed by Pecori. A few cases were observed during the
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of hyperplastic and retrogressive bony processes. As for the
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foetus is carried rather longer, and is then expelled. The third
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the half-rib graft is flexible and readily bent to adapt itself with a curve to
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Rockefeller Institute for Medical Res 'arch. New York)
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tion, and abduction are common, but flexion, internal rotation, and adduction
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complete restoration of cardiac conduction in two out of three animals.
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The essential features of the condition I have described may be
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that, owing to the large quantity of fluid consumed, a very considerable
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which the patient was under observation, urobilin was present in
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renal disease. In the tabulation of polyuria as an early symptom,
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is especially true of some of the works, and the most promising
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the neck of the femur, operation was considered advisable in only 26, though
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left testicle. In the swelling an oval body about the same size as the left
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cane sugar alone lowered the resistance of the animals. A method is
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aluminium, and the distance of the anticathode from the skin is 20 cm.
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joint only. Reflex reactions which involve all the extensor muscles of the
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of uniform size, approximately three-quarters of an inch in diameter,
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M. melitensis, fyc.) which have been said to give the Weil-Felix reaction with
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added, for even in cases in which no obvious fermentation had
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the diarrhoea by which it had been accompanied continued a
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it must be assumed that the number of patients reported as dying
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jointed but fused with the transverse process, and continued downwards
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it is these which are affected by lesions of the corpus striatum.
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Hassencamp, of the Halle University Medical Clinic, states that the
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tures too, so much changed by disease. Great anxiety and
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Alexander Currie, W. D. Tracy, Harold S. Vaughan, dentists of
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undergoes very little change until near the end, when, as in Hirschsprung's
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June, 1910. ,\1 the timt- In; had had a hard coughing spell, l)Ut recovered
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Where Nature required any assistance, the principal inten-
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de Jonge (quoted by Simpson) Great Increase of Urobilin in Stools in Malaria.
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Examinations. Is pale. General muscular apparatus flabby. Mucous
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little patience for such investigations, they derive no other
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sidered as the principal cause of fever, alters the thermogenesis, sometimes
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