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rules are for physical and mo cc -for the mental ami the physical
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free in the alveolso, or also in the interior of the cancroid cones. They
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the difference in sensation produced by rubbing the skin with
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rian tube. It occurs with the single and married, but is much inure frequent with
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ages, notwithstanding his hypocritical tongue may at times have denied the truth.
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ami perhaps as many shoes, and as many hats or bonnets, from a great number of
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usual feature. The pain is usually that associated with myo-
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modified according to the forms already suggested for the
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destroyer, called forth the author into the field of medicine, and induced the pub-
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upon this article for a living, and how much they are fed upon it, the extent to
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rent reason for so doing. Ignorant persons attributo these eccentricities to mere
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for five days only, when rapid decrease of the dosage was pos-
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In 1864 there were 24 cases and 12 deaths ; and in 1866 there were 99 cases
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tachment to the mucous membrane, and has this analogy with
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on the hairy part of the head, where they in general occur in
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will hinder the growth of children to some extent, and that the
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different looking individual — he has lost more weight, he looks
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are the dangers which await the visitor to the Havanna, and when
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wise, it auras those diseases in almost every instance where it is applied; beingsupe-
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it is only by this rati life can be made worth the living, or the
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consequence of its slight consistence ; but its independent exist-
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required for that purpose appears to be connected with their peculiar studies ; and
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closed. Nevertheless, the movements of a hand were seen at three
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favorable to the complainl than the West. This difference is so marked, that statis-
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published abroad, the chances would have been good that they were ruined forever.
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Peet's book. If not quite so full and precise on certain subjects,
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severely in SevQle, and probably in other places also between that
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discovered usually after the symptoms of cerebrospinal syph-
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was clear, his delivery active, and his voice so strong that ho could bo heard dis-
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very large proportion of consumptives die between the ages of twenty and thirty—
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or slight. We know that children and young persons are sub-
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Begbie states that it has certainl]^ stripped the disease of some of
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worship, but this may be unavoidable at the present day. The
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