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The Trommer Extract of Malt Company guarantee to the Medical Profession
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Ztscbr. f. Psycbiat., etc., Berl., 1896, liii, 377-392.—
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cells were regarded as comparable with the changes which are met with
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year and seventeen days after the operation. Post-mortem : Cancer of the asophagus behind
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The plantar reflexes were present, but were not so brisk as
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case of suicide just cited that opiates, even to excess,
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Sex seems to exert very little influence, although some
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perature, the condition of the patient is excellent. She
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vations on tbe weight and length of the central nervous
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nerves, in the tracts, or in the cells of the cord. He wondered if
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creased; at least, in two cases of acute articular rheumatism, (Tested
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showed that these cells had a wholly different origin from epitliclium, and
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lated a number of cases of what may be called cures in epilepsy. I would
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