Gene Testing is becoming the diagnostic method of choice for an increasing number

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false step. Few are left now, I apprehend, of the school

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altogether difi"erent from the suppuration which was described as constituting

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arrhythmia was imperceptible. An electrocardiogram (Fig. 2) taken at this

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and the whole is boiled for three minutes over a flame.

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Mr. Savory accepted the distinction drawn by the author between language

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and Dr. Paget, of Cambridge, Dr. Wilson Fox, Dr. Andrew

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indicated the most imminent danger. The uterus was thoroughly washed

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least would not endanger life in adults. In children it

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80-caIled metastatic in£uction in separate chapters, since, notwithstand-

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(C) The making of grants to State health authorities to assist in meeting their costs in

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Since in all cases angina and more or less blood-deterioration are

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marked that he had only seen one impacted gall-stone

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equal to 6 or 7 per cent, of all the cows) ; Saxony, 8 ; Bavaria,

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the supposed specific, it would have greatly contribu-

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P.O. Box 1109 • 330 E. Lakeside Street • Madison, WI 53701 • (608) 257-6781 • (800) 545-0631 • FAX (608) 283-5402

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iridectomy as a curative agent in glaucoma, there can be

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itself is obvious ; and practitioners must be guided

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bacterial vaccines: Inoculations with a vaccine prepared by heat-

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question taken up was that of medical education. The

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So much by way of qualification and general discription. We

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(ii.) I proceed to those cases in which catalepsy is associated with

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Johnson, Joseph Lealand, s, a, w, sp, Philadelphia, Pa. B.S. (Penn. State C.) '19.

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described as scrofula. It was always known that so-called

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The intervention of the Second Brigade was necessary

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vegetative existence. If specimens are taken from infants or young chil-

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regular physician. The real motive for the leech's change of

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hand, the meat is to be regarded as fit for human food when the

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whole foot. The patient was unable to move about, save with extreme difficultv.

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and some short remarks made on the mode of expulsion of the placenta.

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Also I Abstr.] : Brit. M. J., Lond., 1887, i, 721.— Thomson

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moving the placenta too soon. A frequent cause is cold or damp,

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mary gland, for all practical purposes, may be con-

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and which claims 52 per cent, of the whole number, the frontal group

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way it formed a sort of arch, embracing the neck of the sac for

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Candidate producing satisfactory evidence that Botany formed

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the stomach and bowels, are contra-indicated. Perhaps no other class of

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