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adjoining muscular fibre-cells, each of which contains in its

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and to pass along their expanded tendons to the sclerotica, with the anterior

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ceding night. There was extreme dvspnoea, with a cyanosed condition

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fresh attacks, although they may confine themselves to the house to avoid

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being an exciting and the latter a predisposing cause.

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ized and insoluble in cold nitric acid. Those of phosphorus vary from

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terior cervical wall to a great extent. Acute or chronic iaflam-

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better words, the whole is forcibly expressed through a piece of kid skin, de-

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often yield to the temptation to merge their medical character

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peculiar character being determined by the natural structure of the part in

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A Case of Acute Symmetrical Carcinoma, Under the care of

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extent of 30 miles, but there are no still lakes or pools of water, or any feature

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performed at the second, third, or fourth month, or the second, third, or fourth

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a direct or proximate cause of albuminuria. We are agreed

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ophthalmia springs^ is strengthened by a case reported by Mr.

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gently on the child's belly over the region of the liver. In no case,

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jected portions of the filtered liquor to each of those tests, but in neither

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Yearsley's erroneous supposition, that the affection arises in consequence of dis-

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Seport on Miorology. By J. F. StbeatVbild, F.R.C.S. . . 275^

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of great pain at the scrobiculus cordis. The spasms are more frequent and

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There were, of course, during the prevalence of cholera in Con-

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once enjoyed, when, with Pisa and Montpellier, she wellnigh

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subjects of^ syphilis. But of 24 of the 85 who were cauterised

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w&hrend des Wintersemesters, 1862-1868, an der UniTersitJlt sn Berlin.

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of these cases we shall be obliged to speak very briefly.

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where it is applied ; when combined in the proportion of two equi-

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an excess of births over the deaths, annually, of 176; and agreeably to one of