the errors of fixation may become very numerous if the time of fixation be allowed

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Those who were cured returned to express their grati-

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with intense congestion. The portal canals are infiltrated with a

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growth is barely discernible by plate methods and when death

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of a number of the well-known antiseptics has been worked out by

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furnished by the body or taken in as food or medication. It is therefore

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modic twitching of the muscles of the eyeballs and lips,

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taken. For the material investigated and for confirmation of my

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fundus is placed not far from the left border of the tumor, at somewhat

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Dr. F. J. MouAT, late Inspector-General of Prisons, Lower

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tzunesb. d. Gesellscb. f. Morphol. u. Pliysiol. in Miinchen,

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at least kept in social isolation, even when his skill,

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of the changes in color at different ages of the colony is essential.

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pericarcfitis, hurried breathing amounting at times to dyspnoea,

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healthy condition of the neck of the uterus. For two

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followed by frictions of the skin with coarse towels or

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thetic, the tongue is liable to drop back and obstruct the

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sources. The essay on " Centres of Xutrition " prepares us

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4.046 inches fell on 24 days. On the other hand, in 1889, only

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tion that the same idea is being promulgated. Our therapeutic

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phatic glands, and especially those adjoining the local anthrax swellings

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of the systole may sometimes be so much lessened that the radial pub

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[Reprinted from The Journal of Experimental Medicine, June 1, 1921, Vol. xxxiii,

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vegetable bitters, change of scene, and residence in a warm climate are often

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In deciding to extirpate the tumour, I considered the following

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D'Arsonval, which consists essentially of the following parts:

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American Year-Book of Medicine and Surgery " embraces these

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passed into the vagina. In the same way the fallopian tubes and ovaries

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from the history and from the conditions under which the patient was

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name and University plant to the school, and such members of the

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which was confirmed by the recovery of the infant, when a healthy nurse