Aneurism was not encountered in any of the series, nor has a case been
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    it possible, to make a comparative study of obstetrics in the Philippine
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    With regard to the employment of emetics, the revulsive action
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    the enlargement and dilatation of the capillaries, which we see in valvular
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    the caseous metamorphosis of the pneumonic product. The truth of
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    eral lymphatic glands and the bronchial glands incline to swell and
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    natural debauchery; most frequently through so-called sugar-teats,
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    this point, and showed that the same boiled infusions which
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    cular excavation, the evidence of the existence of emphysema would
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    725. — * Nueva contribucion al estudio de la actinomicosis humana en la Re-
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    opinion that, exclusive of tuberculosis of the bronchial mucous mem-
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    tinues about forty-eight hours longer, bringing the case to
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    where there was doubt of the identity of the organism the point was
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    central nervous system and inderal
    ingenuity, on "Progressive Locomotor Ataxia, and some
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    problem using frova and inderal together
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    exhaustive description of the symptoms of gastromalacia has also been
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    torn ; the blood which penetrates through the rent, causing the oppo-
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    excessive active hyperemia. In these cases the intense inflammation
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    for ligating wounded arteries might be somewhat modified.
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    which follows by a more extended interval, is produced in the arteries
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    flow ; and it may even be possible to stanch the first haemorrhages
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    branches of the sympathetic going to the spleen, it became very large
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    garded as established Sometimes, notwithstanding the existence of
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    2. Photomicrograph of type specimen from ventral surface. Stained with
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    bathes the entire organ, and the dulness forms a triangle with the
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    Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, and Caucasian serums at greater dilutions
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    bronchial dilatation is often much more violent than the cough of tuber-
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    the liquid decreases, and its concentration becomes greater, absorption
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    the fresh film and of one stained preparation. However, a small amount
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    rangement in the blood's distribution, so often described, finally is
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    terien-und Streptothrixarten. Ztschr. f. Hyg., (1900), 33, 313-362, 1 pi.
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    do not afford complications and results like those just described, which
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    tuses are spoken of, but no description is given of them, nor
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    that the substance of the lung is highly elastic ; no other por-
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    bj the occurrence of a consecutive degeneration of the substance of
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    of venesection to prescribe wine, camphor, and musk.
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    stricture began to supervene on those of laryngeal catarrh, and the
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    exercise and fresli air are of special importance, and where the
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    patients continue the use of dilating instruments after an opera-
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    is the pulvis glycyrrhiza compositus, of which a few teaspoonfuls may
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    especially of the nasal, that we cannot hesitate to designate as a ca-
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    geographical pathology, declares that the mean temperature due to