symptoms does indicate general paralysis, and does not point to

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eczema does not differ from that of other inflammations, being guided

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tion for demagogery. It is one of the dangers of free

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Atlas of Clinical Surgery, 1895, plates 99, 100. — 11. Idem. Archives of Surgery, voL

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Echinococcus hydatid, embryos of the Distomum hepaticum, and ova of

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stated that the colour of the sweat changed while the patient was

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will not best consult the interests of his patient by merely protecting the

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sensations through the optic thalamus to the neurons of reception in the

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insanity is usually unaccompanied by hallucination. Full of persecutory

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nasal passages become narrowed, and ultimately quite blocked. This

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in Great Britain. It has hitherto been considered as a trophoneurosis,

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3. Paraphrenia. — Anomalies and perversions of cerebral (psychical)

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the marks become brown or black beginning at about 165° C. If

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Occasionally the parasite Demodex follieulorwm is found in the duct of

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Atrophic forms. — In contrast to these hypertrophic varieties of lichen

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(2) Table X and the following equation will serve for any

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can take to myself is that appertaining to the circumstance

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(4) It is desirable to set up controls of known Rh positive

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of symptoms in the insanity of a pregnant woman are stupor, apathy,

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product is caused by imperfect metabolism, as above described.

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large, but who is not under proper care and control, or is cruelly treated

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During the acute period of an attack the bowels should be kept well open

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Garth was resembled by Mead, who from early manhood to

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tion generally follows the lines of cleavage and flexure. As a general

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and time-consuming. One of the best employs a 1 percent

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irritation of the skin and consequent scratching. The same is true of

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other latah policeman was informed that the same roll of matting was

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them to cultivate the habit of noticing the little apparent

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fatted " soaps should be prescribed. Many useful medicated soaps of

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cupations expose them to the direct rays of the sun. The ordinary

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(diatactic action), as indicated by analytical study of the mental states.

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